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  • 电话:0373-2515880
  • 传真:0373-2630229
  • 手机:18737310157
  • 邮箱:xxscjh@163.com


  新乡思诚净化设备有限公司于2014年由新乡市东风过滤技术有限公司过滤分公司更名而来,公司成立于1994年,经过多年的发展已成为新乡市的龙头企业 ,其主打产品是液压过滤设备及附件,覆盖的行业有润滑机械 、工程机械、汽轮机、船舶机械、石化、电力 、煤矿等,产品遍及中国大地。
Xinxiang Si Cheng Purification Equiment Co.,LTD is the new name of Xinxiang DongFeng Filter Technology Co.,LTD founded in 1994,and it has developed into the heading enterprise of Xinxiang. Its main products are hydraulic filtration equipment and accessories, covering the fields of lubricating machinery, engineering machinery, steam turbine, marine machinery, petrochemical industry, electric, coal and so on. Products have been throughout the land of China.
Our company has perfect filtering element testing equipment. From filtration products’ designment,  manufacture to acceptance inspection, all of the procedures are carried out in strict accordance with the standards of hydraulic pollution control. Filter, as its key part, is made strictly according to Seven ISO Standards Test. Our company has a wonderful team, concluding designment, exquisite technology, manufacture, testing department, and all of the engineers and technical members have more than ten years work experience, and they treat every product with earnest, serious and sincere attitude.  Dai Heqing, the legal representative of company, created the idea of “honesty is the way of nature, and way of being a person” to serve the customers ,in order to help customers to solve problems and meet their demands. Finally to create a best demand-supply chain and lead the development of the industry.
Choose SiCheng, believe in our honesty, to built a better future.   
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